Short Films

Watch and love.


Probably my favorite type of thing to shoot: movies. I love turning a fictional story into something visual and real. It's a little peak into the stage in my mind. The clips below are some of my proudest work.

Just Like Mine

A short, slightly dark film. Made for the 2011 SACYSA Film Festival, winning Best Cinematography. Watch the film re-edited with the scenes in chronological order here.

I Never Did - Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

My first large scale video project. A music video meant to go to one of my songs, but I ran out of time and never finished the recording. So, I put it to Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional.

Finally Famous Films

The following short comedy sketches were all equally collaborated on with a friend of mine.

Mountain Men

Nerf Guns and Juice Boxes


Decorative Décor

These are only some Finally Famous Films. Click here to see the rest.