Music and Heart

Listen and you will believe


Sorry, I haven't finished recording them! But scroll down to view the ones I've written.

Music Videos

I Never Did - Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional

My first video project. A music video meant to go to one of my songs, but I ran out of time and never finished the recording. So, I put it to Vindicated by Dashboard Confessional.


Fair Weather Saint

(Bryan Schofield, vocals, guitar - Dallin Anderson, guitar, vocals - Alan Clift, bass - Nikhil Chabra, drums)
Demo EP (2004)
  • Song By Me
  • My Epitaph
  • Much of a Which
  • The Sound
  • Everything Lasts Forever
  • The Impulse

Passion's Trade-off

(Dallin Anderson, vocals, guitar)
  • Cycle of a Broken Heart (2004)
  • Waiting (2008)
  • Rain (2008)
  • Sans (2009)

The Static Type

(Dallin Anderson, vocals, guitar - Micah Biagi, guitar)
  • It's Good (To Be Me) (2010)
  • Me vs. Time vs. The Girl (2011)
  • OK, OK (2011)
  • Anna (2012)