The need of every website.

Let's Go Viral

What do you find on nearly every home page of every major business? A short video. Web users almost expect to see it and are very likely looking for a video to watch if its their first time viewing the website. Don't have a video? I can fix that.

Henry Schein Dental
Fresno, CA (2011)

The 5th annual Henry Schein Team Smile event in Fresno California. Over 240 children received free dentistry thanks to volunteer dentists and team members.

Orem, UT (2010)

BoomStartup started up in 2010 in Orem, UT. They're a mentoring/investing company that hosts an incubation period over the summer for new tech startups. Naturally they wanted a video on their website to get people excited and to want to apply.

Loomis, CA (2009)

Take Note Troupe (TNT) is a theatre group based out of Loomis, CA for highschool and junior high children. And they not only put on plays, but principle based inprov workshops all over the state. This vid shows what they're like.